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Community Partners 

Throughout the 15 Children's Rescue Fund family and individual shelters located within Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, our Community Partners are a vital resource and collaborative force in combatting homelessness while providing the best possible care.


These fellow partners truly reflect the "it takes a village" mentality in order to mutually serve the collective good while fulfilling our individual mission and vision goals. 


If your nonprofit organization/community advocate are interested in collaborating with Children's Rescue Fund, please contact Justin Daniel Karmann here:

Children's Rescue Fund is beyond grateful for our current community partners who support at an organizational level as well as work with individual program shelters:

CRF Organization
Belnord House
Bruckner House
Cauldwell House
Central Park West 
Ellington House
Hope House
House East
Icahn House
Kenilworth House
Lenox House
Liberty House
Apollo House
Park Overlook (Webster House)
Union Hall
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