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Children’s Rescue Fund – Employee of the Quarter Program

All –I am elated to announce that the Children’s Rescue Fund Employee of the Quarter Program is now LIVE! This is an exciting program, and we hope that you will join and show your appreciation and acknowledge an outstanding employee by nominating them for the Employee of the Quarter Award!

Employee of the Quarter Program

Purpose:To recognize an employee who has made a significant contribution to Children’s Rescue Fund during the previous 3-month period. The significant contribution is defined by the nominator and may include contributions to boosting CRF’s declaration of providing excellent service to CRF employees or clients/customers, developing, and implementing a new program which will benefit the overall organization, or any other contribution which the nominator believes is noteworthy. Employees may also be nominated for providing exemplary service to CRF in their daily job performance and demonstrating a willingness to work above and beyond the call of duty.


The Employee of the Quarter should model behaviors of a good employee including a positive, professional attitude, respectful of company policies/procedures, helpful to co-workers, exhibiting good customer service and people skills, and good attendance.


All employees are eligible, which include staff (full-time, part-time, nonexempt, and exempt), or management [except the position levels of Program Directors and above]. Must have been employed at CRF for at least 1 year.* The employee must be in good standing who is not currently, or has not been, on any type of disciplinary actions for the previous 90 days (3 months).* For example, employee cannot have performance issues, their work must be up-to-date, and they must have met all required trainings.* The action for which the employee is being nominated for must have occurred within the quarter being nominated.* At the time of nomination employee must have completed at least six months of employment – unless there is some special circumstance that warrants the recognition.* An employee can be selected only one-time per year.

Process:* The award will be given during each calendar quarter* Q1 – January to March – awarded in April* Q2 – April to June – awarded in July* Q3 – July to September – awarded in October* Q4 – October to December – awarded in January  To nominate an employee: Complete an Employee Nomination Form* Submit to your Department Head [i.e. Assistant Program Director, Director of Operations, etc.]* Nominations and Bio Requirements:* Must be submitted by the first Friday of each month to department heads; which will then be submitted to Program Director for review.* Bio must be 500 words, or less, and include a detailed summary of their exemplary performance contributions and accomplishments.* Nominations will be accepted through the last day of the quarter, and the recipient of the award will be announced during the following month after the quarter.* Nominations may be made by any employee and any member of management; self-nominations will not be considered.* Program Directors will submit final selection, along with completed Bio, to AVP, Programs and Director of Human Resources.* Final selection of the “Employee of the Quarter” will be reviewed and presented.

Qualifying Criteria:

Must displays commitment to job Demonstrates professionalism even in adverse times* Employee goes above and beyond job scope* Employee consistently displays a positive attitude* Employee works well with teammates and others

Examples of good employee nominations:* An employee suggested a work process that improved the workflow in the department considerably.* Participated in a project that resulted in a successful outcome.* Assisted a customer and went beyond the call of duty.* Prevented the company from a major risk, lawsuit, etc.* Goes above and beyond the scope of duties not only at work, but outside of work.

Award:* The selected employee will receive the following recognition for this honor:* A $300 cash award (subject to taxes).* Recognition by the CEO/President and the employee’s co-workers in a manner deemed appropriate.* A framed picture to be placed at the Program Site in a highly public area.* Award luncheon to be scheduled at the Main Office.* Selected employee will be announced in Companywide email.

I cannot wait to hear all about the significant efforts everyone is doing towards the great work of CRF!

Thanks,Davona James

Director of Human Resources


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